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The Paradox Of Choice

Does anyone else find that the more choice there is, the harder it is to make a decision?

I frequently find that I'm in this situation, particularly when I'm on the look out to buy specific things. Mainly, I struggle with jeans, shoes and beauty essentials.

Jeans are probably my biggest struggle. I have two staple pairs that I have worn for years; a trusty pair of bootcut Miss Sixty's and a gorgeous pair of straight cut Firetrap's, both of which are starting to wear thin on the inner thigh. I'm dreading the day that a hole appears.
Don't get me wrong, I have had tens of other pairs. Skinny jeans in particular in a whole array of shapes and colours. Yes, a whole variety of different cut skinny jeans! I thought 'skinny' was the cut: one shape. No. There are low rise skinnies, high waisted skinnies, zip fasten, button fasten, ankle skimmers... the list goes on. Not to mention the different colours, washes, fraying, embellishing, branding... And depending on the cut, I may be a completely different size in each!

Really great beauty products are equally difficult. To search out my perfect moisturiser I first need to decide what skin type I have; dry, oily, sensitive or maybe even a combination. Day or night cream? With or without SPF? Paraben free? Scented? In a pot or a tube? Ideal price? And is it even possible to get all of my preferences rolled into one? Does that product even exist?!

You get the gist.

I stumbled across this book on amazon which really seems to encompass exactly what I'm feeling.

The Paradox of Choice by Barry Schwartz.
While this book is written based on american culture, I think that the majority of the book' content has great relevance worldwide and that Schwartz has a great outlook on things. I particularly like this clip: (he seems to have the same problem as me!)
Choice and Happiness

I have now realised that with too many choices, your expectations of what is good goes up considerably. I think this is because you want the best of everything.
Take shampoo. Before you even use it for its intended purpose, you buy it probably based on which smells the nicest or which bottle is the prettiest or which has a nice price tag.
I've done this before and then in the shower I find out that while it smells divine, it doesn't lather half as much as I would like it to. So back to Boots I go...

The other issue is that with so many marketing campaigns and promises made by companies, you already have an expectation of the product. If it lives up to the hype, that's great, "and so it should" you would think. If it doesn't? You're disappointed.
However, if you buy from a little-known brand, a cheaper product maybe, perhaps even something you didn't know existed before. You can either learn why you hadn't heard of it before but 'nevermind, it was only £1.99'. Or you can actually get a very pleasant surprise!

Maybe there just aren't enough pleasant surprises any more?

What items do you find hardest to make a decision to buy?

N xoxo.