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Behind Closed Doors

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Lately, I have been searching for blogs and websites that feature storage ideas for clothing and beauty products. I have been looking partly for inspiration and partly out of curiousity. I think us girls just love being nosy; take the popularity of as proof!

Since finishing work a couple of weeks ago, I have been cleaning my room top to bottom, corner to corner, and back again. Now that I can actually reach my wardrobe without ending up on my bottom in a heap of clothes, I thought that I would share its contents with you.

Unfortunately, it looks disappointingly unglamourous. Mainly because stuff is pretty crammed in, although believe me, this is nothing compared to what it looked like pre-clearout. Here is a brief tour of the 3 sections of my wardrobe which are usually hidden behind sliding doors.

This section is made up of useful shelving.
Files fill the top two sections. I just love organising stuff. I even write lists to organise my organising. These files are sorted into various categories with some space left over for my uni work come September.
Books fill another two shelves and these are mostly of the unread variety. A lot of them are marked at about a tenth of the way through as I haven't quite had the time/determination to get through them. Yet.
Photo Albums & Memory Boxes are underneath those and at the bottom are various games including garden party classic, Twister, and a couple of Murder Mystery sets.
Shoes take up the most shelving space with pumps and sandals together, converse and other trainers below those, then boots, and my heels which are all in their original boxes to keep them beautiful.

Coats, hoodies and long dresses fill the hanging space in this section.
Underneath those I have two sets of plastic drawers which Art & Craft supplies are organised into.

My favourite part of the whole wardrobe; the majority of my clothes. This section is stuffed to bursting point. I can no longer part my clothes to fit another hanger in. There are simply no gaps. The top railing is filled with tshirts, blouses, vests, jumpers and the odd summer dress.
On the bottom rail hangs skirts, shorts, leggings, jeans and trackies.
On the floor sit my gym bag and my every day handbag when they aren't on my arm.

My bags, accessories, make up, dvds, cds, are all stored elsewhere in chests of drawers and in storage boxes slid underneath my bed. If you fancy a peek, let me know and I will follow up with another post.

I hope this has inspired you a little! If you have any great storage tips, ideas on how to make my wardrobe more glamourous (I won't take offence!) or links to any storage blogs or pictures, leave me a comment below, I love reading them :)