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Illuminating Concealers feat. Clinique: Airbrush Concealer

Natalie3 Comments

For years I have been using cult beauty product, Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat Radiant Touch. When I say 'using', I mean that it has always been present in my makeup bag but although I have repurchased it, it has never truely been an essential product. However, as I have recently been paying much more attention to my skincare and makeup regime, I have come to notice that Touche Eclat is really not doing anything for me, mainly this is because I have continued to use the original shade (No 1) which is wrong for my skin tone. So, along with my decision to make my Radiant Touch redundant, came another decision; what to replace it with?

I opted for the Clinique Airbush Concealer in No 4, setting me back £17.00 which I consider to be quite expensive even though it is cheaper than YSL's Radiant Touch (£25.00). I hope that you can make out from this swatch (above), the difference in colours. The top swatch is Clinique and is a slightly cooler and more yellow shade which is much more suitable for my skin. The YSL shade which I have been using is too pink and too dark for my skin. I don't feel that it was able to perform well as a highlighter as it actually drew more attention to my shadowy areas by dulling them with the wrong tones. It's worth noting that YSL now offer a wider range of shades but for a product which I am not (yet) reliant on, I was unwilling to pay the higher price.

For those who have perhaps not used this kind of product before: while it may be described as a concealer, you should not use it to attempt to cover blemishes. Due to it's light formulation, it would not provide enough coverage but most importantly, as its intended use is to correct areas of darkness or dullness by using light-reflecting technology, you would be brightening and drawing attention to random blemishes if you were to use it in this way.

You should use these products under your eyes (in addition to a concealer if you suffer from severe under eye circles) and in the outer creases of your eyes to make them appear brighter. You can use it to brighten the shadows around your nose, the hollow of your chin and any darkness around your mouth. Many make-up artists will also apply a highlighter down the centre of the nose and above the eye brows to emphasise the areas which the light naturally catches. You can even use it to contour your lips, making them appear fuller.

So far, I have been very pleased with my new purchase. By twisting the base of the wand, I am able start and control the flow of the liquid through the brush. I use the brush to apply it to my face in the necessary areas and then lightly dab with my fingers to spread and blend the product for a flawless finish. The application of this product is incredibly quick and easy.

This isn't a product which I use every day but it's especially great for evenings where I want to feel more radiant and make a little more effort with my makeup.

Would you say that a highlighting concealer is a make-up essential? Which is your favourite?