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My Makeup Station

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First of all, apologies for my absence. I have had an incredibly eventful week including a trip to London, a spot of shopping and several hours spent in the gym. While I intend to dedicate a post (or two or three) to the exciting places which I discovered in London Town, I first want to share with you my favourite of the past fortnight's many purchases; my Muji 5 drawer storage box. I ordered this from the Muji website within an hour of it becoming available as I have been lusting after one for quite some time now. This cost me under £30 including p&p which I was pretty pleased with.

As you can see, I don't actually have an large stash of makeup. Partly because I don't wear very much and what I do use, I tend to stick with until it is used up but also, I took advantage of this storage switch-over to dispose of old cosmetics such as out of date mascaras and very old and very crumbly eye shadows. I arranged what was left into five sections:

Daily Essentials
The top drawer was originally going to be for my base makeup and all over face colour but infuriatingly, these drawers are just a little too shallow for my foundations and my beloved Hoola bronzer.
In this drawer I now have my miracle prescribed spot cream for my incredibly problematic skin, my Bare Minerals mineral veil, bronzer and pure radiance powder, primer, eye cream, tweezers and powder brushes.

I have far more concealers than I thought but I have yet to find the perfect concealer all-rounder which will reasonably cover the majority of my blemishes. This collection includes my Bare Minerals concealer in Bisque (which despite being the lightest shade, is still a little to dark and pink for my skin tone), Benefit's Lemon Aid concealer (which is AMAZING for hiding purply under-eye circles), Natural Collection's green blemish stick (great for covering areas of redness) as well as some Witch concealers, a couple more Benefit products, YSL Touche Eclat and my new Clinique concealer (which I will dedicate another post to).

Eye Colour
I don't have very many eye shadows; I tend to play it quite safe colour-wise and don't wear eye shadow on a daily basis hence the small and fairly muted selection, I also had to throw quite a few away. I already have my eye on some other lovely Bare Minerals shades though.

My collection of mascaras is pretty small as I only tend to use one at any given time. My false lash collection is quickly expanding as they are my night out/drinks/date essential and this lash glue is fantastic; I can't recommend it enough!

Lip care
I don't wear lipstick daily, I tend to opt for a really nice lip balm such as this Carmex one which makes my lips look plumper and glossy. During the summer months I have found myself turning to Posie Tint most days for a kiss of colour.

I have had this little heart shaped acrylic stack for years now and find it really helpful for my hair accessory essentials; my hair grips, hair ties and other clips.

I recently found this crystal jar in a charity shop for £3.50 and after a good clean, it became the perfect home for my skincare samples. As my skin seems to have really changed this season (and become very problematic) I have been looking for some new products to try and balance it out. This jar is the perfect place to store all the little tubes and sachets that I have picked up from department store beauty counters and pharmacies. While there isn't enough product in these samples to see if it actually makes a difference to my skin (I would need to use a product regularly for several weeks to notice any changes) they are great to test the texture, scent and ensure that the product doesn't drastically disagree my skin. I would always recommend asking nicely for a sample or two if you find a product which grabs your fancy.

I hope you've enjoyed this little tour of my makeup station. If you'd like to know about any of these products in more detail, please let me know! How do you like to store your makeup?