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My Workout Routine

Natalie2 Comments
As you will know, I have recently subscribed to a gym membership and have a personalised workout plan which I'm very excited about. This committment to fitness is by no means a phase or a new hobby. I absolutely love keeping fit and I decided to introduce myself to the gym to compliment my existing workout schedule.

Dance - 1.5 hours
For years I have been attending a street dance class on a Monday night for an hour and a half. It's really good fun, really high energy and as your body never works in repetitive motions as it would when using weight machines or when running for example; with this kind of dance you attack every muscle group from every angle.

Pole Fitness - 1 hour
I enjoy this so much. Pole Fitness has given me so much confidence and helped me develop strength and muscle definition while feeling feminine.



Zumba - 1 hour
The Zumba classes that I go to on a Friday night are at De Niro's nightclub. The atmosphere, loud music and flashing lights make it great fun and really motivating but also means that I don't feel at all self-conscious.



The days which I have marked as being Flexible are days where I don't have any specific classes that I regularly attend. Wednesday, Thursday and possibly Friday are days where I will most likely go to the gym in the afternoons but there are also some great classes on at the leisure centre which I would love to attend:

Spinning I have already been to this class several times but would like to go more frequently.

Pilates I used to go to Pilates classes regularly but unfortunately they clashed with other commitments. This would be a great class to do after a bit of cardio work in the gym as I find it really relaxing and is great for stretching too.

And some classes which I have yet to try:
Yoga, Body Pump, Body Blitz

What are you favourite ways to work out?