The Blonde Ethos


Stash #3: The Bathroom Cabinet Discovery

I have vowed to try and use up the majority of the products that I have stashed before I buy anything new; partly to save some pennies and some storage space but I also really love the content feeling I have when I ooze that last little drop out of a bottle and know that I have used the product up completely. I'm sure I'm not the the only person that gets excited about finishing a product. Perhaps because before even finishing a product, we allow our minds to consider what we will buy to replace it. Everyone gets excited about a valid excuse for a spot of shopping, don't they?

I have one large cosmetics carry all inside my bathroom cabinet into which I toss the odd sample, freebie or miniature product. While I am obviously aware of the fact that I do this, I don't think I ever realised quite how regularly or for how long I have been expanding this collection.

I refrain from using these product as I think that they will be great travel products for holidays. It has reached the point now though where I don't think I can afford enough holidays to use these products. Therefore, I am going to start shopping the stash.

These are the majority of the pieces that I discovered. There are quite a few Miller Harris pieces which I think were probably picked up during a swanky hotel stay. Ditto the Paul Thomas Roth washes. There's a Ted Baker body wash, several Neom travel sizes which I adore, and some Nougat bath bombs which will probably remain unused as I am very much a shower lady. There are a couple of Charles Worthington Takeaways products and a Wella Studio Professionals Colour Save shampoo which will also probably remain unused as I have never coloured my hair. There are two Dove conditioners, one of which is an oil conditioner which I am really looking forward to testing out as well as a Liz Earle conditioner. I also discovered a Paul Mitchell hair conditioner which I know for a fact is about three years old as I was given it at my first appointment at a new hair salon. Finally there are a couple of Clairol conditioners to which I will dedicate a post as they are some of my favourites.

Within a smaller pouch I found a whole selection of product sachets. The selection on the right hand side of the photo (above) were free with magazines. I actually find that these are great to take away on short trips as they are very light and I wouldn't feel guilty about discarding any unused product.
The Boots Natural Collection feet and hand sachets must be fairly dated (although there are no marking on the pack) as I'm not sure if they are even still available to buy but I remember that I used to buy similar products from Natural Collection with my pocket money as I loved all of the cute sachets. I may use these for a bit of a nostalgic pamper session. I'm really looking forward to using the TRESemme and Naked hair masks. I'm a particular fan of Naked products and remember being really excited to receive these in my stocking.

What products are you guilty of stashing and which of the above can you recommend? There are so many products here that I honestly can't decide which to use first!