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The Fishtail Plait

Natalie1 Comment
For months now I have been trying to master the fishtail plait. I have made failed attempts on several occasions much to my frustration and that of my friends who have tried to teach me, assuring me that 'it's easier than it looks'. It's not. It is tricky to start with, especially if you don't have a mirror or a clear idea of what you are doing.

I found a John Frieda tutorial video a few weeks ago on YouTube which I found really clear and helpful. I'm not sure if I realised that it was a John Frieda video at first but it was very obvious that it was a professional stylist and (gorgeous!) model in the video. I liked that the models were encouraged to execute each step themselves which made me feel like it was a style which I could realistically achieve without having extra hands!

Remembering what I had learnt from this video, I fingered a quick fishtail plait when reclining under the sweltering sun at V fest last month. As you can see, it was clearly very lazy and too chunky. It didn't survive very long.

Since then I have toyed with this style on and off but now that I have got to grips with weaving with much smaller sections of hair, the results are much more successful!

The layers in my hair are still too short for this to be a really effective style to last for a whole day or night out but I will persist nonetheless! I have found that it definitely helps to use a hair tie as a guide to help you start this style off as suggested in the video. As I prefer to execute this style as a side plait rather than in bunches, it also helps (alongside a couple of hair grips) to keep my layers from falling back to where they usually hang. On the bright side, having these fugitive strands does mean that I don't need to tease the plait so much to make it look fuller. It certainly looks effortless enough left to it's own devices!!

What I like most about the fishtail plait is that when done well, it is great as a casual day look, for the office or for a night out. For my hair in particular, I really like that it shows up all of the different tones of blonde that run through my hair, giving it a nice depth.

It's definitely worth checking out the other John Frieda tutorials such as the Hair Bow tutorial which just makes it look so simple! Unfortunately my hair (especially those pesky layers!) aren't quite long enough yet for this to be effective but it's one that I will look forward to trying again in a couple of months.

Have you found any great hair tutorial videos online? I'm keen to experiment with my locks much more often.