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YSL Shocking Mascara & WIMH

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I have been a massive fan of the website, What's In My Handbag (, for quite some time now. I, like many other women, have a nosey instinct to want to peek into other lady's handbags to see what goodies lie in there. This site was created to allow you to do just that and if you haven't visited it already, I urge you to do so right away.

Not only can you have a good pry into the bags of industry insiders (TV personalities, writers, designers, brand founders, makeup artists and stylists) such as Bobbi Brown or Cherry Healey, you can create an account and upload your handbag to share and inspire as well. You are also provided with your very own Beauty Cabinet in which you can 'tag' products that you own or that you would like to remember to get your mitts on! No doubt most peoples' favourite element of the website is the section where you can register to 'try' one of the products selected from that week's featured bag. As there is a limited number each week, you aren't always guaranteed a trial but if you are successful, WIMH send a congratulating email telling you expect a package.

Last month I was lucky enough to receive one of these sought after packages. Before I go into details of the product, I want to point out how lovely the packaging is. The black box is very sleek and sophisticated and I really liked that the contents were personalised and had all of the information about the product in a perfect little card.

Now to the mascara. WOW. I have mentioned in previous posts that I am a bit of a mascara nomad, never quite happy enough to settle with a certain one, having only repurchased a mascara once out of desperation. The first time I used this I started lusting over the full size version. It will take some saving though as they're over £20.00 a pop!

After one application, my eyelashes appeared much longer, they were an extremely bold shade of black, defined and voluminous. After a session coat, they were even bolder but did need separating a little bit so as not to appear to clumpy or spidery.

This mascara was fantastic to apply. The brush holds plenty of product and is a great shape, making it very smooth to apply. It seemed to 'set' very well and didn't crumble or flake at all during the day. That said, it was very easy to remove, turning smooth and inky when I applied makeup remover lotion and water to the eye area.

There is a wardrobe of six shades to choose from with this mascara. The one that I am using is 01 - pure black but other shades include black/grey, black/blue and even black/bronze. It's worth mentioning that this mascara seems to be perfumed. This, to me, is perfectly pleasant but I imagine it could potentially irritate sensitive eyes (or noses!).

I would say that the only possible criticisms that could be said of this product is that a heavy application could appear quite clumpy. It really only requires a couple of sweeps to achieve a great effect. The fact that this sets so well means that I will definitely have to pay more attention to curling my eyelashes but this is probably a habit which I should get into anyway seeing as my lashes are not naturally feminine and fluttery.

Even my boyfriend commented on the noticeable difference in the appearance of my lashes and I'm sure that you will agree that noticing such a subtle change is quite a rarity where most men are concerned!

Have you been lucky enough to receive a gift from WIMH before? What are your thoughts on this mascara?