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Get Fit, Healthy + Gorgeous with 30 Ways to Save £1!

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As a student, I have to pay extra attention to where my pennies go and I totally understand why so many people struggle to live a healthy lifestyle! Gym memberships, class fees and fresh fruit don't come cheap, but to celebrate 30 years of the £1 coin, I have 30 ways to save £1 without compromising your beautiful bods!

To get you started, the lovely people at Money Supermarket are giving away £1 for each money-saving tip (up to £30) to UK bloggers who contribute towards their target of a whopping 1000 ways to save £1!

Here are my money-saving tips for you beauty babes and fitnessistas!

1. Get a membership
If you regularly hit the gym, or if you want a reason to hit the gym, sign up for a membership. If I attend just 1 class a week, I end up saving at least £2.80 by the end of the month with mine.

2. Set up a direct debit 
Many independent fitness classes also offer money saving options. I used to pay for my Jazzercise classes by direct debit which also saved me money if i attended at least once a week.

3. Pay annually 
Better than paying monthly, pay yearly! By taking advantage of this option with most leisure centres, you will only pay for 10 months instead of 12.

4. Stay local 
Check out your local leisure centre as you are likely to get a better rate than at a chain such as LA Fitness.

5. Negotiate 
When signing up for a gym membership, you may have to pay a joining fee. Speak to the manager to see if they can be swayed to reduce/scrap this, especially if there are some facilities which you know that you won't be taking advantage of.

6. Try before you buy
If you know a friend who is a member of a gym that you are interested in using, see if they can get you a visitor pass. Alternatively, look online for free passes on sites like Latest Free Stuff. This not only gets you a few free workouts, but makes sure that you have found the right gym for you before you commit.

7. Free exercise
Alternatively, why pay for gym membership at all when you can workout for free? Try hiking, jogging, skipping or cycling. You could even join a local sports team.

8. Search the web  
Similarly, if you prefer to workout at home, there are great free exercise tutorials on Youtube and websites like Blogilates which are much cheaper to tune into than splashing out on fitness DVDs.

9. Get a coin keyring
Something like this is great to keep in your gym bag and use for your gym locker. I know that if I take an actual £1 coin, I'm always tempted to spend it in the vending machine after a workout...

10. Buy a reusable drinks bottle
This will save you spending money on a bottle of drink each time you visit the gym. I even take mine to uni with me, or just to the shops!

11. Drink water
Water is my drink of choice at home and when I go out. Not only is it usually free, it's much healthier than sugary or fizzy alternatives.

12. Pay in bulk 
If you see a personal trainer, or a sports physiotherapist regularly, see if buying sessions in bulk will get you a discount.

13. Find fitness deals
Living Social have great deals on so many different things but I love to check out their fitness class offers. By buying a voucher on Living Social for a set of classes, you can make massive savings. Here's a kickboxing offer for example, but I've seen everything from dance to yoga to power plate sessions appear on there! It's a great way to try something new.

14. Find beauty deals
Similarly, if you fancy a massage, dental treatment or even a colonic, you can probably find an online voucher saving you up to 75%! 

15. Ditch the car
Not only will you get fitter by using your legs or a bike to get you about, you will also save money on car parking fees and fuel!

16. Visit outlets
I buy most of my sportswear at discounted prices at stores such as Sports Direct or T K Maxx. I most recently bought a yoga mat from T K Maxx, saving £7.00 from the RRP.

17. Magazine subscriptions
I always look for magazine subscriptions which save me money rather than just offer a free gift which I probably won't use. That's where websites like Living Social come in pretty handy yet again! I got a great offer on Zest magazine not long ago. 

18. Grab a handheld scanner
When doing food shopping, if a handheld scanner is available, use it! It means that you can track how much you are spending as you place food in your trolley, and most will also alert you to offers.

19. Don't let yourself get hungry
Keep some healthy snacks in your bag, such as nuts or a tub of grapes. If you get hungry while you are out and about you are more likely to spend £s on unhealthy convenience food.

20. Prepare lunch
Similarly, making lunch to take to work/uni/shopping with you will save you spending out on less healthy alternatives.

21. Find loyalty rewards
When you do eat out, take advantage of loyalty card schemes. If you are a regular Nandos-goer, you can get yourself increasingly large portions of free chicken 3 times within 10 visits!

22. Use Tupperware
It saves you money on foil/clingfilm/sandwich bags but it also saves the environment.

23. Buy in-season
Buying local produce and buying fruit and veg in-season will often save you pennies.

24. Make your own
Whether it's smoothies or bread, making your own will be cheaper, tastier and healthier as you will be avoiding the use of unnecessary additives.

25. Collect points
Whether at Boots or Tesco, you can trade in the points that you rack up for free stuff! It's a no-brainer.

26. Student Discount
If you're a student, remember that there are many places to use your student discount that you may not have thought of. I often pick up magazines in Superdrug rather than a newsagents to take advantage of 10% off with my nus card.

27. Cheaper alternatives
My personal favourite fake tan product is St Moriz, which I buy from Savers for £3.99 a bottle! Waaaay cheaper and more effective than pricer products from brands such as St Tropez.

28. Kick the habit
Whether your vice is sweeties or cigarettes, cutting back will help your bank balance as well as your health.

29. Cut your tubes
You may think you have run out of toothpaste or a super-expensive face cream but cutting your cosmetic tubes open will often reveal that it's not the case, buying you time before you have to splash out on a repurchase.

30. Ask for samples + keep a pot in your purse
Before you invest in expensive skincare or cosmetics, try the product first to make sure you are not wasting your cash. Most counters will willingly provide you with samples. If they are unwilling or have just run-out, politely ask to decant a small amount of the product into your own little pot so that you can try it at home/with your existing products/away from horrid department store lighting. Remember that you hold the cash!
I have previously got my hands on face mask samples which, if used once a week, can buy you at least a month!

Do you already use any of these £-stretching tips? I'd love to hear your recommendations!