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Origins Obsession

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You may have already seen a few reviews of Origins products which have popped up on The Blonde Ethos (although these were last year now), and I thought that it was about time to re-stock.

Since last summer, I have really been suffering with my skin. It has been spotty, oily, incredibly dry and everything in between. At the moment, I am enduring the dryness stage. I have stopped with all prescribed lotions, potions and pills in the hope that just using a few, high-quality, sensible skincare necessities will lure my skin back to a (semi-)normal state. I have finally been referred to a dermatologist so I shall sit in waiting. Really, I want to find out the underlying cause of the problem and am incredibly reluctant to accept any more 'solutions' until that is the case.

Baring in mind my skin's crazy decision to change condition, I went in search of some new makeup last week. I headed straight to Origins and one of the assistants tried to colour match me (no success there, even the lightest shade was too dark!). As we got talking, I found out that one of my favourite moisturisers, Have a Nice Day, has been discontinued. Long story short, I was distraught (obviously; it smells like heaven), but headed into one of the John Lewis beauty rooms to have a full Origins facial to console myself. This is a free service, with no obligation to make a purchase afterwards. 
I was treated with...
and it was recommended that I also use...

Obviously, these all add up to quite a hefty price! So seeing as I still have some of my Never A Dull Moment exfoliator and my Drink Up mask left, I decided to forego the scrubs and masks for now, using my existing ones once a week until they disappear. I also have just stocked up on my Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish which I still love and so will have to wait a while before I can justify purchasing the Mega-Mushroom products (although they were lovely!). So, I opted to buy some skincare bits that I will vow to use twice a day, every day...

I already have smoother skin after using this for a couple of days. I find it really soothing and hydrating; exactly what I was in need of. I only wish that this had an SPF as well.

As I tend to be pretty generous with my everyday moisturiser, and dabble with the odd eye gel, I honestly didn't realise how dry my eye area was until it suddenly got softer after starting to use this cream. Seriously, the results were pretty immediate and my makeup applies much more smoothly now.

This is such a popular product at the moment, receiving rave reviews and I can't fault it either. It did quite literally make any nasty heads of spots disappear as well as removing some redness. Perfect.

I have booked to enjoy another Origins facial after I return from holiday in June, to assess my skin's progress (fingers crossed) and am taking my mum with me so that she can enjoy a well-deserved pamper too!